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It comes down to what you want to do with the truck now vs. future and how old it is. I just drove an 03 LX a week ago, and on Denver roads, it really is nicer. For the wife's daily driver duty and mild weekend adventurer, I think the LX is the ticket. If I'm going to load it down with mods, then it really comes down to interior, headlights, and trim preferences. As much as I like the clean lines of the 80, the LX450 has ZERO dings in it b/c of the body panels. Not bad for where the wife parks it....

If you got a low mile 03, which you should, then just do the proper maintenance to the system. There is a fluid change you should do, and iirc there are some people trying to source the nitrogen globes (which is the common failure point). Most people on mud agree, when it's working, the system is pretty freaking sweet. I have now driven two 01's and two 03's and all of them had a working system.....for what it's worth.
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