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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
The fact that my total investment is still less than my original purchase price of the 80 is somewhat comical
Wow, really? Is that a function of age and miles when each was purchased?
I would think that accessories cost pretty much the same between the two. Tires, lift, bumpers, sliders, rack, etc...all pretty much the same.
I paid $6700 for my 450, but I can't touch a 100 with 135k on it for that of any year.

What really blows my mind, is i just sold that SC400 with 67k on it for 7 grand. Try buying a landcruiser with that kind of mileage of ANY year for less than double.
How landcruiser resale values smoke all other cars, regardless of original cost/build quality, is beyond me. Definitely one of those "investment" vehicles that defy typical depreciation models.
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