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Default mtn bike disk brake maintenance

Hey, anyone have a bleed kit? Do I need that? My Hayes brakes (about 8 years old?) have never been bled.. I am running halfway through my travel before I make contact. I guess I could look at the pads, huh.. but in all honesty I'm still on the original tires, once our kids came on line the bikes have done more hanging in the garage than anything. My pads are likely fine.

But I realized yesterday that I've got bleeders on my calipers, so hey I should learn how to bleed these things. Found this video from Leonard Zinn (side note: we actually have a Zinn in our collection). curious though as it seems like he's doing it upside-down, squeezing it in down at the caliper then it oozes out at the lever? Maybe that's how you do mountain bikes though.

Also interesting he's using DOT 4, I thought that was the evil compared to 3 or 5? anyway, open up the chatter on brake maintenance..
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