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Default Trough Trail

Originally Posted by Jacket View Post
Great trail for a 40 or mini truck (ya....I said it ). Armor critical and lockers highly recommended! My daughter drove the whole main trail which was awesome for me to watch my rig work! I took the reigns on the "extreme" rated side trail "Trough Your Rocker" And I managed to find a couple line's that posed a little bit of challenge for WR but overall still doable for a milder shorter wheel base rig. The last off shoot that is supposed to be "moderate" actually was the nastiest challenge of the day. The entry rocks were majorly washed out and because of the steepness I got denied early on. We were running solo so I called "no glory" rather than working any harder. I could have easily found a line but I choose to save it for another day when other rigs were with me. The trail is worth the trip but from here it takes about the same time to get there as it would to go to Holy Cross. The entire trail, along with off shoot and lunch took us 4 hours hitting every tough line we could find. I would plan a long day if I was in a moderately built rig.

Parking area......trail is directly behind us in the gulch
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Gate keeper obstacle...
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Typical obstacles...
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Nice smile!!!
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Tougher off shoot....
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