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The rebuild is very easy and I have a spare pump. Having done the rebuild I assure you that its very unlikely the metal parts of the pump are bad. Come by with the o-ring kit we can rebuild my spare (off of a 170,000 mile 1994 1FZ-FE) in 30 minutes (taking our time) and then you can take it and swap it out and bring me yours later. Why you should do the entire rebuild if you are pulling the pump is that leaky internal seals allow different chambers to mix and reduce the strength of the pump. At worst you will have cavitation which can result in total pressure loss (ask me how I know) and that can lead to metal damage.

Only thing I do not have is a impact gun to R&R the gear nut and a puller to get the gear off. Bring those and we are set. If not I can do what I did last time and go to Treeroots to pull it (this time I'll wear gloves!)

Hoses are good to replace anyway, and all but the high pressure line are regular hose you can buy in bulk inexpensively. I have had good luck with the Gates high pressure line but it was not a perfect seal at the gearbox at first.

The PS pump writeup by Romer on mud is spot on. The trick to getting the lines off the gearbox is to go in via the wheel well. I have flare wrenches too.

After re-installation you will want to bleed the air from the system using the proper technique. Not difficult, just uncommon.

Short term Lucas Stop Leak really works and I still have half a bottle you can have. I'm in Sloan's lake.
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