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Default Red Cone, Radical Hill, Middle Swan 7/8/12

We had four friends visiting, three from the Czech Republic and one from China. They were great hosts and guides when we visited them last Christmas, so we thought we'd show them some of the beautiful high country and crazy off-road action. The weather was threatening all day, but was perfect, with some hail on top to remind us we were in Colorado above 12,000 feet. The wet and rocks gave us the opportunity to scramble, spot, strap, winch, and a couple of passenger rear tires had to be changed - one valve stem torn off and a sidewall failure. A great day with three 4x4 clubs represented - thanks to the folks from CoTTORA, FJCruiserForums, and Rising Sun for making this day possible.

Thanks everyone for joining us, offering up seats for our friends, and help on the trail. Perfect day and just the right amount of strife to make it fun!

Pictures on my site here:
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