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Default Kingston Peak 7/15/12

Popular weekend for Rising Sun on Kingston Peak this weekend (see also "Kingston Peak 7/14/12")

Perry, Dmitry, Zan and Jayna and I left Denver at 7:50 AM, stopped for Wendy's and away we went. We marveled at the huge casinos in Blackhawk and perry talked about what it was like to spend time there as a kid since his mother lived there for a while.

Shawn (Cardinalfj60) and Mitch (TonkaToy) were at the meeting spot, Dave (Old40Dog) and his wife Idelle arrived soon after.

Moon Gulch is very overgrown and pinstriping was inevitable. That trail could use a good visit with some chainsaws. It was, however, much less slippery than when covered in snow in the dark.

Once clear of the twisty off-camber bits we topped out and turned left to Kingston Peak. We climbed above treeline and marveled in the views of the James Peak Wilderness area. At our lunch spot you could see a trail down to the lakes and probably very nice wilderness camping a mile in. We made some backpackers very happy sharing frozen mini-eclairs form my borrowed ARB freezer.

After lunch we continued the climb and topped out at the Rock House overlooking Loch Lamond. That looks like a fun place to camp as well. We then drove down through Bristlecone Pines and into Alice. Finally we got to Idaho Springs and aired up at the old Sinclair Station - which we highly recommend for a good old fashioned gas station experience and the Best Air in Idaho Springs (thanks Perry for the tip).

It was a nice cool day in the high country.
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