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Default FJ Summit, Ouray 2012

I had to come back early, had to work Friday back in Denver..

But I had a blast Wed and Thursday!

Here are the limited pics I was able to snap...

Great traffic in the TLCA booth, this pic was before the event started.

Yes that is a VW Synchro van coming down Black Bear.

It had to be scary to wheel Black Bear of all places, cause the driver sits over the front wheel base....No thanks,, Dude was white knuckling it but I have to say he was poised and making it happen!!

And I did a water recovery presentation, complete with footage from Woodsman..

They had over 40K in raffle prizes for the raffle Saturday night, close or over 300 vehicles, at least 6+ 100 series... Interesting fact, this year over 60% new bees, last year was 70% new bees.

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