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Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
Driveable, but you can feel it.
And that is exactly why I posted this. I felt the same way. The wear in the TRE was only apparent when Robbie used a huge prybar on the joint to press it away from the knuckle arm. When he did that, you could just barely see it move. The Trunions have a slight "spot" in them that you can only feel when both tires are lifted off the ground and you turn the tires side to side by hand. I NEVER would have guessed that amount of wear would have produced the situation I had on the freeway. It was some scary stuff that I never want to experience again, especially in a SWB at speed. In fact, I may very well escalate doing the 450 to sooner rather than later because I suspect it also needs this maintenance.

The only other thing I can think of that may cause the DW might be slop in the steering box? Marco, I think both of us had our steering boxes rebuilt by the same guy...
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