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Napa has has the HP hose for about 60, it is made in Mexico, appears to be high quality, fitting are good, uses a 16mm wrench on the box. I usually change over the mount bracket from the old hose. Mine is several years old with out issue. Toyota's hose is way over priced(IMHO).
Have you looked at the price of a new pump(about 250), the only thing you need to change is the drive gear then. Never use a device like pliers to hold the gear at the teeth, it will create problems like noise when installed into the truck. I usually just use my impact gun to remove and install the nut while I hole the gear with my leather glove. I have rebuilt many of these, you will also need a new bearing Toyota does not sell. The best place is to get it from a bearing company(about 12-13 dollars), other wise most aftermarket parts houses will sell you a chinese bearing.

Return hose can be just Transmission return hose for 6-7 dollars. Just as good, just not Toyota. You will need some new hose clamps as well.

Some times getting into the pump will create more problems, but it is a good experience and educational.
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