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Default Blasting Advice-Buy and DIY or Pay For It

Trying to decide what to do here. I've got 5 FJ40 wheels, 4 80 wheels, and all the small parts and whatnot that comes along with doing a 40 resto.

I'm trying to decide if I should buy a Harbor Freight blasting cabinet ($170 for the big one + media), or if I should just pay a shop to do it ($30/wheel = $270 min).

I've got a 30gal 5hp Snap On Compressor rated at 7CFM @ 150psi. I'm not sure if this would be enough for the cabinet to really work well? Anyone have experience with them?

I want to pull the trigger on the cabinet, but not if it's just a waste with my compressor. But, it'd sure be nice to have something around for the small parts.

I could also use the blasting cabinet at Club Workshop for $70/day, but it looks pretty much like the HF one, not sure what kind of compressor is behind it.
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