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Default Speedometer weirdness

Things seem slow these days, so let's spice it up

A couple years back my speedo died. It wasn't the first time, and the first time it happened it was the cable that broke so I figured it would be the same thing this time. Well so after a couple of years I finally get around to replacing the speedo cable (thanks AHorseThief! ) and lo and behold - it works!

For a little bit.

After a while of driving (usually at highway speeds, but not always), all of the sudden the needle will drop to nothing.

But then after driving a little longer, or changing speeds like going on the trail, it'll come back up again. And then it'll drop. And then it'll register 15-20 when I'm doing 45-50. And then it'll die again. And then after I've let it sit for a couple weeks and drive it around on the street again it works fine.

How can that be!?!?!?!?

It's as tight as I can get it without cutting my fingers (why is that thing so freakin' sharp!?!?!?), it's screwed all the way in to the speedo housing, so I can't think of anything else it could be, unless it's internal to the speedometer or internal to the speedo housing, which could both be possible. I guess that's where it's likely to be, I just can't think that those nylon gears could slip enough to slip sometimes, but then still have enough to grab and hold sometimes. Strange.
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