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I try to listen when I am driving. I've only ever transmitted my call sign so far to indicate I'm listening. Mostly I am in the city so I suspect I won't hear anything. I have a mobile radio in my vehicle that can do up to 75W. I usually have it set on 10W. I have it mounted under the radio and it is the "heat sink" type body so due to not knowing how much I can use without overheating the radio I set it lower power. I'm pretty sure I don't need to up the power to receive signal, correct?

I don't usually hear anything and when scanning I don't usually get anything to lock on. Every now and then I'll hear or it will lock on to "garbage".

I tried to key in some repeater frequencies and listen however I must not have my radio set up correctly; I get nothing.

I doubt my radio is set up correctly for listening on repeaters from the factory. What settings should I check?

Almost forgot: KDØSFT

I like to think of that as "Special Forces Transport" refering to my 80 series.
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