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Default Chinns Lake

Took my 2 oldest kids (12 and 5) up for some afternoon fishing at Chinns Lake. It was our first time up there.

Although it was nice, the lake levels are near empty from the other pictures I've seen online. (Especially Sherwin, it's almost empty) That, and the place was a mess. A lot of little trash, papers, bottles, bags and fire pits with half burned items blown around from the wind.

The (new) shoreline of the lake was full of glass and more lures and line than I've ever seen. It was borderline dangerous for young kids. I don't think I would bring my twins (almost 4). There's just too much broken glass, rusty nails, hooks and even door hinges. Tons of spent brass too. What's wrong with people? It would take 200 hands and 500 Trasharoos to pick up all the little junk. Especially the fishing junk. I hate seeing so called sportsman, especially fisherman, not taking care of Colorado's recreational areas.

There were 6 or 7 campsites in use, maybe 10-15 people mulling around. There are still a few fish to be caught. We were fly fishing and the Brookies were taking a size 12 Coachman Trude. They were released, much to the dismay of the guy fishing down the shore from us. All in all, it was nice. However, I don't think I'd go back with my wife and kids. I wouldn't mind fishing it myself with a float tube though. Especially right after ice-off with proper water levels.
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