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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Dude where were you? We looked and never saw another 80... and I don't think we were that hard to miss?

I had a total blast.. my body is a little sore but my only carnage was a broken off license plate.. happened somewhere on day 1. I haven't ridden that much single track, ever. what a treat to have so much of it laid out, marked, trees removed.. and a good group of people all going in the same direction. Saturday we did most of the "A" loops.. bailed before the last little bit of A as we were tired, plus I had just overheated on a climb.. and we were getting thirsty. Today we did everything- the A stuff as well as the B and B+. I thought the run was going to be mellower for some reason, but it was even gnarlier than the stuff we rode yesterday. Just beautiful up there, perfect weather, what a neat getaway. I did take a few pics with the go pro...
Nice shots! Funny thing, I was in my buddy's (Eric) camper and it wasn't until we were leaving that I realized all the camping on that side of the fairgrounds. Glad to hear you had a good time on Sunday's ride. We decided to skip out and go ride a lot of the single track that wasn't a part of Saturday's "A" Loop. Depending on how you look at it we got really lucky. Roughly 20 miles into a really super fun trail Eric's front sprocket de-centigraded... Literally the teeth were ground down to tiny numbs. Fortunately we where a mile or two from a fire road and after tightening the snot out of his chain we nursed if home in first gear. All the while I kept thinking of how long of a tow it would have been if we had ridden all the way out to the single track that they had planned on Sunday!!! I'm definitely joining Northern Colorado Trail Riders. They've done a great job keeping the Northern part of the state single track!
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