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Originally Posted by nakman
Ok, thanks all. So any other adverse effects to limiting down travel, other than reduced articulation? Nay I looked for the 6100 specs but all I found were vehicles and lifts and what fits what, not extended & collapsed dimensions. Last piece of info, is when the 6253 shocks were mounted up front I measured 15.5" eye to eye, so the shock itself pushed the truck up 1/2". And they were pretty tough to compress to get reinstalled in back.. is that normal?
Sorry, the short body are 7100 remote reservoir...nothing that seems to fit your application. The applications for 6100's that I pulled up show dimensions (5100 only shows applications). Ideally you'd want an 8" travel shock, but that's not going to work for up travel. Any way to raise the upper mounts by 1.5" so you can use the 6252 model in the 5125 class? Or maybe move to a pin mount shock if that is the factory mount style so you aren't increasing compressed length with eye adapters.

Bilsteins are very difficult to compress by hand...almost impossible if you can't get some real leverage on them.
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