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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Ok I called them and answered my own question. There's a doodad that drops into a thingamajig... so it's similar to a normal hitch in terms of aim, etc. he also confirmed that these are good for 500-600 pounds of tongue weight. Also said he sees a lot of returns on the Adventure trailer hitches, this lock n roll is a superior setup, etc. I think I am going to go for it
Tim, I went with the Max Coupler. I went this route after reading a write up on Expedition Portal about a guy that built up a M416 and bent a lock-n-roll after one outing. This was a couple years back...I think it was Dieselcruiserhead in Utah.

Anyway, I picked up the Max Coupler from Siera 4x4 Trailers for less than from AT. Relatively easy to hook up but it does require a little more alignment than just a ball. In the pics you see the red bushing in the tube...the tube/red bushing slips down between the sides of the end that bolts to your typical ball mount. You have to check this periodically to ensure it is tight enough to not come loose but not so tight that it impedes turning. I think Dave K. has a Max Coupler on his trailer.

If you have a light trailer you can roll the trailer up to the truck and install the ball mount into your hitch, or vice versa, or have both ends un-coupled and couple them. Various options.

Here are some links:

The guy I dealt with back in Aug 2010, assuming he is still there. I paid $225 + shipping

Chris Dickerson
Sierra 4x4 Trailers LLC
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