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Default Timing Belt on a Corolla

I bought a 95 corolla to commute to work in at the beginning of the summer, it runs and drives tight but it is due for a timing belt change. It is a DX model if it makes a difference. It made a huge difference in our monthly fuel bill... and should pay for itself in 14 months in fuel savings alone.

I am going to do it myself, but I was wondering if you have any tips and or suggestions of anything else that should be done while I am in there.

The radiator is shot in this thing due to someone neglecting the system for too long and bashing up a bunch of cooling fins when messing with the alternator, so I am going to replace the radiator, hoses, thermostat and waterpump while I have it apart.

Haven't done this before on any car so any tips would be great, I am trying to gather all my parts this week.
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