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I run a lock and roll on my trailer. It is a breeze to hook up. No harder than a ball if you ask me. And as long as your tongue weight is correct you should be able to man handle the trailer onto the hitch without issue. I find the articulation actually more forgiving than getting the ball dead on.

FWIW, the quietness of this hitch is worth it alone. I have a couple 1000 miles on mine and it is super tight and quiet as the day I brought it home. I use a little high pressure grease smeared onto the bearing surfaces before heading out and it tows like a quiet dream. If you have ever driven a pintel hook, then a ball hitch, and realized the difference in slop and noise... there is the same reduction in slop and noise AGAIN from the ball hitch to the lock-n-roll.

Tim, feel free to come check mine out in person, or give it a run on your little trailer sometime, the only issue is you will need to receivers to run this setup. If your trailer sees dirt at all this thing is worth it.
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