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Originally Posted by rutbeer View Post
The only other thing I can think of that may cause the DW might be slop in the steering box? Marco, I think both of us had our steering boxes rebuilt by the same guy...
So I thought about this and I am sending a spare box (cardinal's actually... I hope he approves) off to west texas offroad to get rebuilt. They get good reviews on mud and I am thinking maybe I might be missing something in the steering box. I'll get it back in a few weeks and put it in the 60 and see if there is any improvement.

I feel like I have checked everything on my rig. I even actually put two power steering gear boxes on it, one good used one not rebuilt by me or anybody.. Some had slop and the rebuilt ones didn't. Still they all had a "pulsing" feeling when turning slowly. I think that may be contributing. Also, just FYI I have been through 3 power steering pumps seeing if it was that. none made a change, but my super fancy one from PSC groaned really loudly and I replaced it with a NAPA one after sending it back to PSC twice with no improvement.
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