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A Great day! Thanks a bunch for letting a heep tag along, I greatly enjoyed the chance to pitch-in on the work, meet a great group of people and run the trail! The taco's were a huge hit, I was -starving- by the time i made it back!

a quick phone pick:

the little flatty did pretty good, her biggest day out so far, she suffered a bit of carnage though. I had a rear corner panel get snagged as well, exposing some of the previous owners shotty body work. The shocks were on my list of things to be replaced, and though i tested the suspension as well as i could in the driveway, dropping down into the creek flexed it more than i ever could, resulting in three out of four shocks being broken. note to self: shocks don't make very good limit straps.

no problem driving home though, turns out those shocks (as suspected) were not doing much in the first place.

wooo hooo! new project to keep me busy with in the garage!
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