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Mosquito Pass

The view looking towards Leadville, Colorado

I missed the South London Mine - had to zoom in on this one

Headin on down the trail

Looking back

Once I got closer to Leadville I made a slight detour to a mining area that I saw when descending down from the pass and couldn't help but look. I believe this area is off of county road 13 and 38 or something like that.

After getting my fill of checking this area out it was on to Leadvill to grab some gas, air up the old tires and grab a Rockstar Zero which I had been craving the entire trip before heading on out. I had originally planned to head over to Schofiled Pass/Devil Punch bowl in the afternoon but the weather had turned kind of nasty and from the reading I did before the trip suggested not to take pass when wet. I heeded the warning and decied to head on back to Colorado Springs and relax for the rest of the weekend.

The entire trip report can be found here which includes hikes up and over the 14,000' mark: A trip to 14000' and Mosquito Pass - Expedition Portal
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