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I thought I'd bring this up again...

Got another iPad last night that will be a non-family dedicated unit. I hope to make it into a work/play platform. Mine is gonna get tossed around a bit so I wanted to see if you guys had any recommendations...

3 New Questions:
1. I am looking at cases right now, the accessories are overwhelming. Has anyone used one of the keyboard/case things... basically a hardshell for the screen that when opened has a stand and keyboard on the underside? I may just go for some of those clear skins and toss it into a pelican case made for the iPad2. Thoughts? For work, I will be taking this thing in and out of its case a dozen times a day if I use a hard case to transport in my backpack.

2. Screen protectors? Anyone have one that works well and doesn't cloud up the resolution? Zagg? Thinking of the iCarbons back panel thingy for looks and scratch protection.

3. GPS Mounts again... trying to figure out something that will work well in all our cars, but it looks like hard mounting is the only real option. If that is the case then something for the 40 would be my first priority.

Thanks for the map stuff, it is super cool once you learn how to play with it.
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