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Default 5.29 breakin complete

Well, the whine is still there and the oil changes are done. The stuff on the magnet factor was great. (not much.) Probably because I pulled the unit after 50 miles and so it had an extra oil change in there that got out the really big stuff. We'll see how long it lasts with a tightish pinion bearing and the whine.

It is really nice to have the 5.29's and be able to run on the highway in 5th without stirring the bucket on the slightest of hills.

I also mounted up some REAL front springs. They are a little too short so the shackle angle is close to 0 which added about 2 inches of height to the truck. I think I have 4+ inches of uptravel now and the ride quality is improved.

I also wired up the ARB switches and built a little face plate out of 16 gauge steel around the CB so I could mount the switches. I'm about trail-ready!

Now, the rear is 2-3 inches too low. I'll get around to that and a shock relocate next.
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