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Originally Posted by azcromntic View Post
I took a road trip recently and messed with the squelch. I had it turned about half way. I turned it down.

About the only thing I heard was CW.

I tried listening on the "5-2" but nothing was there.

I'm going to try and make some of the Pike Peak ARRL club meetings; just to see if I can hear them.

Anyone read the ARRL Operating Manual? Maybe it is titled operator's manual; not sure. Is it worth reading?
This book is available at the Pikes Peak Library Distric at 3 different locations:
The ARRL ham radio license manual : all you need to become an amateur radio operator

Yes, it has technical info about the license, but it also is a good resource to use for some of the operating techniques. For instance, having music blaring in the background is not acceptable when you transmit. It is technically re-broadcasting and not allowed. The only exception is Space Shuttle radio traffic (and ISS traffic) but I think they may have to change the rule to be more general as the Shuttle program is . It will help you understand some of the ideas behind good antennas and transmit power, coax and connections, powering directly from batteries (General exam pool question) and international communications.

Originally Posted by azcromntic View Post
I finally heard some traffic here in town last sunday. So at least I know the antenna is working. I'll have to go check but I believe it was146.440. They were giving instructions on taking down information and then once they had a certain number of messages recorded they would relay them in bunches so they didnt tie up the channels.

Anyone here a member of the ARRL? How would membership help an innexperienced operator?
My ? Join the ARRL. Your membership helps us keep our frequencies instead of the big cell phone and other radio users snatching up sections of our bands for private commercial use. Beyond that, you become a member of an organization that has been helpful to many of the technical advances we take for granted these days. Like satellites, GPS, cell phone and email. Plus, you can access many of the archived articles for the DIY'er to do more for themselves and the hobby.

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