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Just did it a couple weeks ago, not hard. Toughest part for me was getting the door panel off and the actuator out. It was my first time with the 100 panel and I should've just pulled the FSM out to start with, as soon as I did, no problem. If you don't have the FSM, I can send you the pages.

Once I got the actuator out, the motor half cracked apart pretty easily
pop old motor out, wipe black crud off contacts, take the little copper end off the old motor and put on new, pop the new motor in
plug the door switch back in to the harness, plug the actuator back into the harness
hold the plastic halves together with your hand while trying the door switch to make sure it works
unplug the actuator and set aside
repeat on all the other doors you want to do
then mix up some epoxy, dab a little in 4-5 spots on the two actuator halves
clamp together and rubber band tight
I let mine dry overnight before messing with them again
then I plugged them all back in and made sure they work and the epoxy holds
button the panel all back and enjoy

use a razor blade to cut the black goo that holds clear door film on and it will go back on much nicer.
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