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Default Fishing and Hunting Forum?

Has there ever been a Fishing/Hunting forum on the RS website? I mean, we already have a Bike/Motorcycle Forum...... How about something for those of us that hunt and fish too?

A lot of fishing and hunting involves the use of 4x4 roads to access far away spots, what better way to enjoy stories, fishing reports, hunting dogs, show off pictures and swap ideas with other RS members? I'm posting this in our Members Only section just to pitch the idea. I hope it's something that's considered.

I know there are a lot of forums already associated with our site, so if this idea stinks or it's been tried before with no success, than forgive my ignorance.

Something like this....

Here's a few fish I took this year on the fly rod. Both are back swimming in the waters they were caught from. I practice "catch and release" pretty religiously, but I fully support responsible harvest. Both were taken on an RS-2 that I tie in size 20. That's pretty small for you non-fly fishers. Maybe just a hair bigger than one of these letters.
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