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I'm going to jump into the mountain bike thread here:

i imagine from a very brief browse that there aren't many downhillers in the crowd, and i'd like to offer to rectify that.

I ride about 40-50 days a year at winter park, and though i'll ride every trail and hit every feature on the hill, the place has a LOT to offer the general trail rider. blue trails like shy anne and long trail are really nothing more than mostly downhill wicked fun singletrack, nothing that your average trail rider wouldn't have a total blast on, and the "easy" trail called green world would be considered a flow trail of the awseomest caliber if it wasn't at a resort.

the place is totally rideable on any 5" full suspension 'all mountain' type bike, or the rental fleet offers some pretty nice specialized 8" travel bikes, or some super bling world cup bikes for a couple bucks more.

(personally, i ride a 5.5" travel transition bottlerocket)

since i'm a season pass holder, i can get anybody a 50% discount on a rental package. getting a lift ticket discount is hit or miss.

i head up every weekend, and with only a month left in the season i'll be heading up every day i can (including playing hooky from work), if anybody has interest in giving this, shoot me a message and i'll be happy to be trail guide for the day.
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