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Question oil pressure weird problem

Ok, guys, I've ghosted around here for years- finally so screwed up with a problem that I need bigger brains.
No matter what I do, I can't seem to get oil pressure.

truck is 88 2wd with 22r. 185k miles. Had it less than a year.
Puffed a timing chain.
Turned out that I bent some valves.
One thing and another I've been working on this for a while.
I got it all back together.
Fired it up and cant seem to get oil pressure. Nothing in the filter- seems like only incidental oil on top of the head. Scared to run it too long for fear of burning the bearings.
Got a new oil pump. got everything properly torqued.
no joy.
got nervous about this, so pulled pan to see if pickup blocked- nope.
pulled timing chain cover to see if I missed something- nope. put it all back together- no joy.
Scared to run it for long- maybe 30 seconds at a go.
Serious beer or favors to whoever can help me work through this one.

Thanks in advance

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