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Default Clutch Replacement FJ40 SBC Conversion

Well, my clutch went out the other day but luckily I was in the driveway. Now I have to replace it and thought I would see anyone had any suggestions on other services I should perform while I have my transmission dropped.

This is a SBC conversion to a stock 78 FJ40 4 speed.

Right now I am planning.
  • real main seal
    Transmission Front Nose Cone Seal
    some new gaskets in several places
    dual-seal speedometer housing

I was also wondering if anyone knew what clutch I need to get to replace the old one. Right now the clutch I have works with the stock toyota clutch plate. Everything I have see online (mostly centerforce) has the centerforce clutch with and aftermarket gm clutch plate. I probably should replace the clutch plate anyway but is it safe to assume the centerforce plate will work with my flywheel?

Any help you all can provide is much appreciated.

Justin - Littleton
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78 FJ40, Rear Locker, 33's, power steering, sbc and so much more left to do.
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