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This is what I tell all my friends who eventually decide they want to join me on the “slopes” during the summer months.

If you want a DH bike do not compromise, the bikes that people claim that can be pedaled up hill and be fun at the bike parks and/or be a jack of all trades suck at everything. The geo will be wack, it will be cumbersome, heavy and have an identity crisis with the parts spec’d. To maximize fun especially living in Colorado with all our bike parks, get a legit DH bike with modern low slack geometry. A friend of mine almost bought a yeti 7 (stupid bike) and I talked him out of it with the same pep talk, got him to go into mojo wheels and they got him into a brand new nice special ed demo for a very reasonable figure. He is in love. The best thing to do is demo a bunch of bikes at the parks and form your opinion about which bike suits you. I would personally pass on the shore... The transition above is a very nice ride but I would suggest the longer travel TR450 for CO especially for a newer rider. I ride a very similar bike and love it very much.
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