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Originally Posted by bustanutley View Post
I would suggest the longer travel TR450 for CO
I've been looking hard at that bike for next summer but I'm in a conundrum between it and Yeti's 303. Probably going to wind up with the TR though. Bummed I didn't have any gear with me when we were in Telluride or I would have demo'd one. Probably for the best though, as I'm sure that if I demo'd it, I would have tried to bring it home.

Originally Posted by Corbet
In the end you'll need a lot of bikes
Ha! It's just like skis and surfboards. I've got my road bike and SS hard tail. Track bike is coming whenever they decided to finish the track in Erie. I've got a parts pile started for a 6" full squish. Then, there'll be the DH bike. Weeeeeee!

That Ventana looks like a hoot.
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