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Default Any "wuss" riders here?

I've seen all the ride threads and so on, but they are people who are braver/better/more skilled than I on riding.

Anyone here who rides at a "not so in shape" pace?

My skill level is at Buffalo Creek really, the easier trails. I can't do jumps, and I don't go up hill very well unless its smooth. Mostly because I am a "wuss" and don't like falling off the bike. I also tend to panic when I get out of control, and thus fall off more than most.

So, I'm a slow rider compared to others I see on the trail ( I get passed a lot).

I have terrible luck, and as such, try to avoid injury (bills are expensive). A perfect example is breaking a leg while 4wheeling on a very mild trail. That is my type of luck.

So, I thought I'd post up to see if anyone else is in this boat, and perhaps hasn't posted, or whatnot, and see if there is interest in those types of rides.


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