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Originally Posted by nattybumppo View Post
I don't think anybody has said this yet, but I'm sure we are all thinking it...Thank you Jeff for taking this bull by the horns! You did a great job organizing and running the Rallye this year!
Hey Sascha, it was not too hard, but thank you. I had a lot of help from a lot of club members, including you. Many hands make light of large tasks. The main thing was that people enjoyed themselves. I know I did. Thanks to Mike and Mike (Simpson and Davidson) I got a major mid-day spell and was able to make the rounds and socialize with all my friends, both new and old.

Huge thanks to Ige and Mike for starting this thing and getting the heavy lifting done those first couple of years. Once the ball's rolling it is a lot easier for others to take over, just like Cruise Moab.

Note to current Rising Sun members - we did good. I am going to post up in the members-only section just how good we did.

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