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Originally Posted by RockRunner View Post
Signed up, thanks for doing this. Just curious how the points will be handled since we already had a game.
We don't have much of a choice but to say if you select any Giant/Dallas players during the draft, you'll need to wait until week 2 to start them. They will be "frozen" by ESPN and you'd get 0 poins from them in week one.

If you draft Demarco Murray or Tony Romo as your #1 RB or QB, just make sure you draft someone else who you can fill in week 1 with, cause you wont be able to use them.

I thought we'd have 12 players long before the season started and we never got them. I'm gonna open it up to MUD members tomorrow just to fill our 12, or I have plenty of non wheeling buddies who will play.
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