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Well, I did a thorough clean of the MAF, the TB, and the intake. Ran some Seafoam through for good measure as well. I read somewhere that there is a "cleaning" procedure for the TPS that involves 100 full-travel cycles of the accelerator pedal. I did that too, figuring it wouldn't hurt anything to try.

The problem is still there, though the cleaning netted me some improved throttle response. I'll take what I can get, I guess.

Tim, I notice that it happens more often than not around 2K or so, generally with light throttle pressure, but sometimes with my foot out of the gas altogether.

I'd say it was the TPS if it didn't do it without any throttle at all. I read a forum post online somewhere with almost identical symptoms caused by slight wear in one of the plug boots (that didn't manifest itself in a continuity check or any other tests). I don't have any heartburn replacing the wires at nearly 100K, so I think I'll head that route first. Haven't had time to put the TPS on the meter, but I'm starting to think that isn't the issue.
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