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Originally Posted by bgoodheart View Post
Talked with Derek at Stevinson this morning. He couldn't find where the TPS is available as a separate piece for my truck, noting that I would need to buy the TB assembly.
That doesn't sound right B.J. I am pretty sure that we had Joe at CTS here in Conifer replace the TPS on the 's 2000 4Runner 3.4 last fall. I can dig through my receipts and let you know this afternoon. If you need it I can probably get you the part number.

When her truck first started stumbling it turned out to be coil packs going bad. We replaced one and shortly after that another went south, so we replaced them all. That was more of a stumble off idle. Many months later it developed a miss similar to what you describe. Pretty sure that was solved by replacing the TPS. Although it was throwing codes each time - misfire code on the coil packs and fuel trim code on the TPS problem. Also, as a data point, her truck has over 200K on it.
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