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Ohhh yeah. I remember it now. You just reminded me of one more thing I forgot in my electronics classes 20 years ago. I guess if you had an old transformer from some junk electrical appliance you could use one side of that instead of wrapping all that wire. Assuming of course you knew to insulate the other side of the transformer or just cut away copper on one side. And of course the 20 amp rating.

Not sure why 35V capacitor. I've only seen 14.7V out the battery. Better safe than sorry I guess.

I have some electronics junk downstairs, some capacitors and a soldering iron...I'll give it a shot in my ample free time (ha).

I heard some more talking last thursday on 145.950 (I think it was). Some guy was talking about taking a trip up Pikes Peak with his handheld and was hoping to talk with some people from way up there on 2 meter simplex. He was from Ohio I think. I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to who they were; just how they were operating.

I also heard some REAL CW during their conversation. I'm confident what I thought was CW before was nothing more than noise.

I joined the ARRL. They gave me a free operators manual. I have time to read a page or two right before I wipe.
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