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Default Moto spring swap - suspension setup

Hey so my 525 was set up for a 275 pound rider. Really tall, stiff, not a huge deal around town but I want to get on dirt and don't want to take a pounding.

so last night I removed my seat, gas tank, rear tire, shark fin deal, then ultimately removed the rear shock. Total time about 45 minutes, hey not so bad! I then stared at it for 20 minutes more figuring out how to get it apart. Ended up going back inside to search for videos.. found this one where they guy does it in less than 1 minute:

But that's cool, I needed a lesson in removing the rear tire anyway. I never did find a video for how to actually remove the spring, but ultimately found a few threads on Advrider that mention removing a little clip. So just in case I'm not that last guy to figure this out, what you do is relieve all the coil spring tension so the spring is loose, flip it upside down then tap this flange-looking thing at the base of the shock assembly, towards the spring. That reveals this little clip you can remove with your fingers, then the flange falls off, the washer falls off, and the spring slides off.

I had 2 spare springs on hand- the stock one, and a "slightly heavier than stock one" that 60wag brought over. I went with the stock one... now my bike has the stance of a chopper, totally low in back and still tall & stiff in front.

My next step is learn how to pull the front springs- again I have found a couple threads with references to loosening the triple clamps but that's about it. Anyone know of a video on this? Or is it really easy?

Also, I didn't bother with measuring any type of bike sag or rider sag before diving in, but am interested in if there are any good DIY tips for doing that once I get these stiff springs out of there.
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