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I then decided I need to swap the rear spring again. Removed the stock 80-250 spring, and put in the 90-260 that Bruce gave me. Much better, that light spring was compressing like half the travel just coming down off the stand, and that was with 8 turns of preload. This other spring only compresses about half that, and with only 3 turns of preload. (that heavy spring barely even compressed with just the bike weight).

I think I'm good for a ride now, at least I can squish the forks down in front now, and I can actually compress the back by bouncing on it. I'm sure some fine tuning is in order, but hey at least it's rideable now. Oh, and it's true you can pull the rear shock without even taking the tire off... my total time for tonight's spring swap was about 25 minutes. If I were to get a spanner wrench I could likely shave a little bit off that.
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