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Default October 13-14 - Dual Sport Ride - Glenwood Springs


I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to drop this or if I should post it up in the 4x4 Trip planning thread but I figured it would reach a more focused audience here! I am planning a little weekend dual sport ride and have a couple other guys from the Bookcliff Cruisers joining in so I thought I would extend the invitation to Rising Sun as well. This isn't a club sanctioned event, just a few guys going out to have some fun.

The plan is to meet up in Glenwood Springs on the morning of the 13th. We will ride from Glenwood up to 4-Mile Park where we will hit the dirt. We will connect a few Forest Service roads over to Electric Mountain Lodge and eventually drop into Paonia. From there we will take 133 to Kebler Pass and explore some of the FS roads and trails up on the pass. If everyone is feeling like calling it a day we may camp at the Lost Lake campground on Kebler Pass. If we've got daylight to burn and everyone is feeling strong we'll continue on to Crested Butte. Sunday we will probably do some riding around Taylor Park before heading back. If it's not snowed in we will probably return through Paradise Basin and Schofield Pass down to Marble and take 133 to Dry Park road and back into Glenwood Springs.

As you can tell from the paragraph above the plan is rather vague, and that is intentional. We are likely going to have a broad variety of bikes and skill levels and I want everyone to have a good time so trail selection and routes will be modified as needed to suit the group.

A plated/street legal bike is required as we will be connecting a few sections on pavement and County Roads as well as popping into towns for fuel and food. The longest section between gas stations will be Glenwood to Paonia at about 80 miles so make sure you have adequate range and/or bring extra fuel.

If you have any questions post them up here, I'll update this thread as we get closer with the exact meeting time and location.

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