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Default 2" Drawbar Material

You can find raw receivers all over, the 2" inner diameter tube with a collar that you weld on to bumpers to accept 2" accessories.

Does anyone know of a place that has just the 2" outer diameter raw material tube with no ball mount or anything on it? I need a 2" receiver to 1/2" pin adapter and seems as though it does not exist commercially.

I need to make something similar to this except 2" drawbar tube instead of 1.25" and the diameter of the trailer hole is 1/2" instead of 3/4". It does not accept a trailer ball, a 1/2" pin is dropped through the trailer hitch that sandwiches the drawbar plate.

These road-use type drawbars cost about $25 at the stores, which I'd rather not spend just to cut up for a few dollars in steel for the 2" tube. This does not need to be DOT rated or anything like that, off road only (talking lawn and garden implements), might see as much as 200 lbs, almost zero of it on the tongue.
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