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OK, she brought the car over this afternoon and we verified open (or at least >200 ohms) at the injector terminals. New injector was $136.19 at NAPA, in-stock on the shelf. Spec was 10-18 ohms, new injector measured 12 ohms, and had new o-rings already on it. No gaskets are present.

R&R was super quick and easy compared to the 22RE injectors. There is a cast alloy retainer over the top secured with two phillips head screws. Then all you have to do is pull the injector straight out with a little bit of twist, the only thing holding it in at this point is the o-rings.

There were some hoses and stuff in the way but nothing that had to be completely removed, just held aside. The whole operation was like 20 minutes, would have been ten if I had ever done it before, was working slowly and carefully so as not to bugger anything up.

She is on her way to get re-inspected. The CEL didn't come back on after I cleared the code. I'll report back on the results.

Thanks again for all the helpful suggestions.

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