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Thanks Dave for being tour guide and sharing a camp for the night. I enjoyed the trip and meeting everyone. Blueberry and I had fun. Christo builds a great rig. BTW...I did check with a tape when I got home - she's a full 7" wider than my wife's 80 (5 in the body I think, and the other two must be with my wheels sticking out - my widest point). She's a beast and can handle most anything, but playing "skinny" isn't her forte. Can you say "pucker" on a few of those spots? Most wasn't bad - even the off-camber spot by the Devil's Punchbowl was no biggy, but that narrow spot nearer the top above the punchbowl...Wow! guardian angels want a raise. I'd take the wife's 80 up that 50 times before trying that again in my "full-figured girl".

Before I bought her I was worried she might be tippy - Christo assured me she wasn't. He was right - those extra seven inches in width really help stabilize her...but it sure makes those shelf roads feel a bit skinnier. They almost had to rename it the "Devil's Blueberry Punchbowl". I guess the sign says narrow wheel bases only for a reason - and I helped cave off a little more.

Great fun though. Thanks again. I'll try to post a couple groups of pics.

#1 My pre-trip run over Kebler Pass - great for colors
#2 Starting out - enroute from Carbondale to Marble
#3 Great view from Lead King Basin trail
#4 Crystal Mill - sans fishermen Paul
#5 Dave crossing bridge heading up Schofield
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