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A few more pics:

#1 Dave and trailer (aka Dust Generator) coming through tough spot on Upper Italian Creek shelf road

#2 One of the Crested Butte FJ crew that joined us - forgot name, sorry

#3 DavesTaco underway after tire change

#4 A view from slightly below shelf road

#5 A reason to remember to be careful...especially Blue Whales like me

#6 Yep, we hugged the uphill/non-ledge side as much as we could on some of the skinny spots -- maybe not always necessary but without co-pilot to spot the ledge it seemed safer.

The tricky part of the shelf road wasn't too bad (my first time there) -- at least it was plenty wide if you were willing/able to tackle the big rocks on the inboard side. Nevertheless, I'd still say much of the upper trail had some fairly narrow sections - plenty safe, but probably more fun for you guys 7-10 inches skinnier than me. BTW - thanks Crested Butte crew for ignoring that piece of blue molding scraped off at the fallen tree...hmmm, I wonder what rig that goes to...
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