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Default Commuter Bike

I am trying to find a decent used commuter bike, but am not finding what I'd like.

If anyone has leads, or knows a good bike shop, etc...I'd appreciate any leads.

To give an idea of what I'm looking for:

-Frame size needs to be around 56cm. A little more or less is okay. Very picky on this. I really don't enjoy riding a bike that is too small/large.
-AL frame would be a plus, with no suspension. Obviously I'm not that weight conscious but the less the frame weighs, the better, without getting exorbitantly expensive.
-Multi Speed. I don't understand why people make good bikes into single speed bikes, but it seems to be simply a fashion statement, and has zero real world purpose unless you ride track. Either way, I'm not interested.
-The better the components, the more I'm interested. Obviously, I'm not trying to spend a bunch, but I REALLY like my stuff to work without needing constant maintenance. I'm willing to spend more to get a solid set of derailleurs in particular. But brakes are important too.
-I need a rear rack and fenders, so if the bike has them, bonus.

Ideally, I'd find a pretty beat up bike with good components and accessories. Also, more of a road style than a MTB style. but not that picky there. The commute length is 22 miles one way, so short by road bike standards, but kinda far by "commute" standards.

I am out of shape and flabby, so I will be starting a one way commute, with a bus/bike combo on the way back. Hence the reason for wanting a beater, I don't want to worry about stuff getting banged up on the bus.

Any tips/hints/ads would be appreciated. My craigslist hunting has yielded very few results in the size I want.



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