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Nope, you are right smack dab in the average height, average size. It's personal preference if you want something a little larger or smaller than average, but 75% of bike out there are made to fit you.

For commuters internally gear hubs are cool. Downsides is mostly cost and weight. Here in Colorado it's not really necessary but commuters in Seattle, Pittsburgh and what-not like them because they are much better in slop. With fenders here you are covered for the occasional splash.

My experience is that what wears down components and bikes is winter commuters with mag-chloride, that stuff destroys your bike. So the cool setup is internal geared hub and belt drives, virtually nothing to hurt and you can wash it down with very little ill effect.

But unless you really need the weather resistance (and we don't), the fairly limited gear range, specificity of the frame (it needs slightly different mounts) I think don't make them necessary. One up side is being planetary gears they shift with you sitting still. This is actually pretty handy in traffic, so you don't have to downshift until after you've stopped.
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