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[quote=AxleIke;219246]Hmm...Perhaps my perception of components has been colored by my MTB background. On the MTBs, I had brand new, fresh from the shop, but low end components jump gears, etc...So, on my latest bike, I bought one step below top of the line and couldn't be happier. /QUOTE]

Well you are correct for a "purpose specific" bike, exception being the "commuter purpose specific" bike. It's the same as trucks, you can buy a 4 wheel drive truck off the lot and hit the hills - but if you really want to wheel then components begin to matter. For a commuter bike, sure it will be nicer with high end components - but there is a butload of Civics and Corollas out there that have hundreds of thousands of miles with the stereo being the only upgraded component. The key is keeping things clean and maintained.

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I don't know how to tune a bike, I've always just taken it to a shop. Guess I better get a book and figure out how to do it. I disagree that working on bikes is easier than cars. But, thats a matter of perspective.
If you start to get into it, you'll soon find out it is much easier than working on cars.

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... I am not a fan of backpacks for longer rides. They cause major neck and back ache for me (I carry a laptop, plus text books, plus other BS), and I'd need a huge pack to carry all that plus clothes, towel, and toilet kit for showering. I agree that the Paniers seem to be a PITA for the bike side, but they seem to come with shoulder straps now, so hopefully it won't be horribly cumbersome. My boss has them, and they seem pretty quick, just snap on and off of the rack. ...
I currently use panniers, but early on I threw everything in a wet dry bag, a couple of bungies to secure it to the rack worked just fine.
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