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kiss dude, kiss

you get the idea. ANY road frame will do. Really. A cross frame, even better. Your looking at 2-3 bills in components to build a commuter, all in. I have built 3 in the last 2 years.

If you can find a cross bike, that's what you want. 700c wheels for speed, triple crank, v or canti brakes, and braze ons for everything (racks - etc) By a set of ritchey commuters, (the ones with the reflective stripe) and go

do get stuck on frame size either. Try every bike. I am almost 6'3", but I only have a 34" inseam, yet I ride a 60cm with an oversized top tube on the road. I have fit some 58's, and even many 63's.

Kiss dude, kiss
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