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Originally Posted by coax View Post
Interesting! You have the same lift I had. My feelings were exactly the same. The ride was overly harsh and bouncy. I believe it was due primarily to two things.
1.) A fairly stiff spring rate.
2.) OME shocks that have (IMO) way too much compression damping.

To get around this I got new shocks. You can still tell the spring rate is high but now it rides *much* better.

As for getting the mediums, I would not recommend that. The front heavies and mediums are the same spring rate. The heavies are just a bit longer. The rears do have a slightly higher spring rate, but not by a whole lot. You could look at swapping out just the rears. Cruiser outfitters has a good spreadsheet on the spring rates of various OME springs.

I would also suspect that the BFG's play into this as well. In my experience they ride fairly harshly on road.

Not sure I have much to suggest as the shock solution gets expensive quick. Hopefully this helps!
Hi corey,
Thanks for the info. What shocks did you end up going with?
John Glidden, Boulder

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